American Black and Tan
Coonhound Club

The following are the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) elbow
listings for Black and Tan Coonhounds from #100 through #199. They are listed in ascending order.

OFA # Dogs Name Owner
CN-EL101F37-VPI Foxfire-Twinlakes Fractious Robert Urban
CN-EL102M34-VPI Jazzman Southern Pacific Big Boy John Mangenau
CN-EL103F53-PI Southchases Tribute to Braveheart Starlite Edith Atchley & Lorena Downs
CN-EL104F24-VPI Southwind Penny Lane Rayanne Reynolds & Steve Lowthian
CN-EL105M24-PI Southwind Sexy And I Know It Rayanne Reynolds & Steve Lowthian
CN-EL106M25-VPI Cashlane Santana As The Crow Flies Robert Urban & Shelley Cafferty
CN-EL107F52-VPI Kosnik's Black It Is What It Is Janet Kosnik
CN-EL108F24-VPI Rockytop Jazzman Holiday Traveller Zoe Bolin & Edith S. Atchley
CN-EL109M25-VPI Foxfire Final Straw Robert Urban & Megan Anderson
CN-EL110M25-VPI Carlin Scoutout Black To The Future Traci Mitchell & Amanda Pillow
CN-EL111M25-VPI Carlin Scoutout Six Black Horses Traci Mitchell & Amanda Pillow
CN-EL112M30-VPI Jazzman Don't Tug On Superman's Cape At Presidio Martha & Erin Prendergast
CN-EL113M46-NOPI Brod Hyll's No Monk-In Around Sandi Bochman Stock
CN-EL114F27-VPI Southwinds Cinnamon Girl Janice Kopp & RayAnn Reynolds
CN-EL115M24-VPI Oak Hill's Heart Of Gold Zoe Bolin & Olsie D Owens Jr & Cynthia Drake Owens
CN-EL116F87-VPI Dawnlees Bawling In My Bourbon Patrick & Daniele Dockter

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